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UFO Black-Red-Yellow-Blue 2018 Hydra Kids MX Pant

  • Wersja/model: ecU6pwyV
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349.26 zł

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UFO Plast Motocross Kit has become more and more successful over the last 40 years due to three important factors - the pursuit of style, the choice of material and a meticulous attention to quality. Introducing the UFO Hydra Motocross Kit from UFO. UFO Hydra is a premium gear line that boasts premium quality and high technical content that assure the same quality always ensured by the UFO Plast brand. But in addition this success has also been achieved from UFO’s love and dedication to the sport, with their products reaching the winning post on numerous occasions and at all levels, from beginners to World Champions in Motocross and Enduro, making them a very important manufacturer and supporter of this wonderful sport. 100% polyester. Protective and resistant to abrasion. Spandex material enhancing the movements Suitable for knee brace's. The large use af Airnet material to favors air circulation inside the pants. TPR logos.